The 2021 Classics On Show event, organised by the Rotary Club of Stokesley with collaboration from Round Table Stokesley, had a definite WWII feel with the arrival to the line-up of Eden Camp, the modern history themed museum near Malton.

Eden Camp brought two of its popular 1943 exhibits from its extensive WWII-related vehicle collection to the show, including a Triumph 3HW motorbike, and a SAS Jeep ‘Billy Boy’ both of which played key roles in the last world conflict.

The Triumph 3HW was popular with dispatch riders during WWII and though it was used by men, being lighter than the 550 it was ideal for women with the ATS, WREN and WRAF while ‘Billy Boy’. is a rare piece of military history being part of the USA’s Lend Lease Agreement, given over to the British forces circa 1943/44, and adapted to suit airborne use and serving in the British Army until 1950.

Eden Camp experts will be on hand at Classics on Show’ to answer all questions about the vehicles. They will also run a competition testing visitors’ knowledge with the winner going home with a family ticket for a day out at the museum, where they can experience the sights, sounds, and smells of life on the Home Front and the Front Line, all set in the buildings and grounds of an original World War 2 Prisoner of War Camp.