Restored Roller that helped build the rolling Irish roads to go on display

The 2021 show, which ran at the Stokesley Showfield in North Yorkshire on Saturday 7th August, had a touch of the ‘Irish’.

Going on display was a 1927 Fowler 10T DNB Tar Spraying Road Roller, No. 17289, nicknamed ‘Squash’, which spent its entire working life laying and fixing the rolling roads of County Meath in the service of the local council.

The roller, proudly displaying registration number AI 3010, was bought by Stokesley engine fanatic Nick Frank who bought Squash in 2015 and spent years painstakingly restoring her into her present mint condition.

“This will be the first time Squash has been in show in Stokesley and I think she will win some admiring looks,” says Nick. “I’m looking forward to making the short journey up to the Showfield and demonstrating her power.”

Nick is also hoping to exhibit his 1920’s Fowler Roadman’s living van which was previously used by the West Riding of Yorkshire Council.

“We are thrilled that Nick is joining the Classics on Show community with ‘Squash’ and are sure our visitors will love to hear and see her in all her glory,” comments Chris Mayes, Chairman of the Classics on Show committee.